Site Development

All site development, whether it is commercial or residential, possess different challenges. At White Brothers Consulting, we use our talents to fit your needs to make your project a success. Our team’s experience can be utilized to help you locate the perfect site; from site surveying and planning, to permitting and final development plans. The goal is to see the project to completion, and we can help you reach that goal.

Roadway Design

Whether the project is as simple as a sidewalk design, or as complicated as widening of a major interstate, White Brothers Consulting can get you there. With over thirty years of experience, we can take the project from inception to final plans. We offer knowledge in all facets of roadway design, including maintenance of traffic, right of way plans and utility relocations. Our team’s capabilities lead to cost effective and constructible solutions, while also bringing the project to completion, on time and within budget.

Portfolio of projects:


  • Levy Bridges – I-40 Widening in Arkansas
  • Rt. 58 Danville Bypass – Pittsylvania County, Virginia
  • Bridge B611 over existing Route 58
  • Bridge B609 and B610 over Route 863
  • Capehart Bridge, Mason County, WV
  • Buzzard Creek Bridge, Putnam County, WV
  • Wolfe Valley Girder Bridge, Mason County, WV
  • East Fork Beam Span, Mingo County, WV
  • Brick Street Bridge, Mercer County, WV
  • Maysville Spring Bridge, Grant County, WV
  • US 35 Buffalo Interchange Twin Bridges, Putnam County, WV
  • Thorofare Road Bridge, Kanawha County, WV
  • White Oak Drive Bridge, Kanawha County, WV
  • Harvey Chapel Bridge, Mason County, WV

Design Build:

  • Virginia Hybrid Energy Center – Virginia City, Virginia
  • Meade Creek Bridge and Russell Creek Bridge
  • Rattlesnake Bridge, Fayette County, WV
  • Robinson Fork Bridge, Clay County, WV
  • Doran Road School Bridge 1.20, Kanawha County, WV
  • Left Fork of Leatherwood Road, Wall 1, Kanawha County, WV
  • Groves Creek Box Culvert, Clay County, WV
  • Grannies Creek Road Slides, Roane County, WV
  • Mill Branch Bridge, Hampshire County, WV
  • Brushy Run Bridge, Pendelton County, WV
  • Dye Bridge, Ritchie County, WV
  • Cicerone Bridge, Roane County, WV
  • Teays Valley ADA Ramps, Putnam County, WV
  • Seventh Ave ADA Ramps, Kanawha County, WV
  • MacCorkle Ave ADA Ramps, Kanawha County, WV
  • Cross Lanes ADA Ramps, Kanawha County, WV
  • Six (6) Pile & Lagging Walls, Marshall County, WV
  • Poca River Road Pile & Lagging Wall, Kanawha County, WV

Value Engineering:

  • Edwight Truss Bridge – Raleigh County, West Virginia

Erection Engineering:

  • South Branch Potomac River Bridge- Hardy County, West Virginia
  • Corridor H
  • Gypsy Bridge – Harrison County, West Virginia

Bridge Design

Going from Point A to Point B- that’s a common theme in transportation. Most of the time, making that journey requires a structure, whether crossing a stream, a river or just spanning over to Point B. When a structure is needed, White Brothers Consulting can fit that need. Our years of experience have included structures from the simplest spans to the more complicated ones. Our understanding of your project enables us to use our knowledge and experience to get you to your goal –Point B.

Another level of expertise that we offer is construction engineering. For bridge contractors, our services include erection-engineering plans, bridge demolition plans, temporary shoring design, temporary bent design, shop drawing review and temporary bridge designs. We also offer Accelerated Bridge Construction services to contractors seeking methods of saving cost by reducing project schedules as well as solutions to complex projects.

Superstructure Design

  • Plate Girders
  • Curved Plate Girders
  • Rolled Beams
  • Pre-Stressed Concrete Beams and Boxes
  • Post Tensioned Concrete Box Girders

Substructure Design

  • Integral Abutments
  • Semi-integral Abutments
  • Spread Footings
  • Piles