Construction Monitoring

To assure that both the designer and owner of a project have their standards adhered to, White Brothers Consulting offers construction monitoring.  Our project representatives have experience in large earthmoving operations, as well as sewer and waterline projects.  In addition, our staff has certifications in erosion, sediment and storm water inspection.  The construction phase of a project is always critical, and our representatives provide daily progress reports to keep both the designer and owner abreast of the project.

Materials Testing

Along with construction monitoring, White Brothers Consulting offers material testing for soils. We have a geotechnical lab where soils are brought in from the field prior to construction operations. These soils are tested according to ASTM procedures and proctors are developed to provide soil specifications for each area of a project site. Once the values are obtained, our construction project representatives utilize nuclear gauges to test actual compaction on site by the contractor.