10-31-2013 #3933a

At White Brothers Consulting, we have the personnel to tackle the largest of projects, while also still providing quality private surveys.  While utilizing real-time Global Positioning System (GPS) survey equipment, as well as conventional survey equipment, we can provide accurate control data and mapping for projects.  We have provided services from private citizens needing a boundary survey, to large clients in the coal, oil and gas, construction and transportation industries.

General Survey Services

• Topographic survey and mapping
• Boundary surveys
• ALTA/ACSM survey and mapping
• Construction layout
• Horizontal and Vertical Control
• As-built surveys
• Bridge layout and staking
• Permanent GPS control
• Cell Tower location surveys
• Flood Certificates
• Land Title Surveys
• Courthouse Research
• Right of Way Plans

GPS Surveys

• Aerial Photography Ground Control
• Construction Layout
• Machine Control templates

Energy Sector

• Oil and Gas Surveys
• Construction layout
• Natural Gas pipeline layout

Route Location Surveys

• Roadways
• Pipelines
• Trails
• Pipelines